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the body contouring

btl exilis ultra 360

Body contouring EXILIS ULTRA 360

Are you bothered by sagging skin or stubborn fat pockets?

EXILIS ULTRA uses non-invasive technology to tighten your skin from head to toe.

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the skin treatment

exion logo color

The Ultimate Skin Solution EXION

The EXION treatment will make the skin on your face and body look smoother and younger.

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the facial treatment

emface logo color

Facial treatment EMFACE

Firm your skin and improve the tone of your facial muscles – without invasive procedures, pain or downtime.

Discover body remodeling

emsculpt neo logo

Body remodeling EMSCULPT NEO

Lose fat and build muscle – No surgery or downtime required.

Femme et homme sur leur chaise

Learn about
the incontinence treatment

Stop suffering in silence

EMSELLA treatment for incontinence

Is incontinence or urinary leakage keeping you from enjoying life to the fullest? Whether you are a man or a woman, we have a treatment to help you regain your confidence.

the newest fat removal technology

Logo du traitement pour maigrir du ventre BTL

VANQUISH ME fat removal treatment

Are you tired of having excess fat despite your efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Despite maintaining a good diet and doing hours of exercise, are noticing it’s not enough to reshape your body and eliminate the love handles on your stomach and fat on your thighs? Discover VANQUISH METM.

Femme pour montrer le traitement cellulite EMTONE

Learn about
the cellulite treatment

Love your body again

EMTONE treatment for cellulite

Don’t let cellulite get you down anymore. Now there’s a revolutionary treatment that targets the 5 main causes of this condition affecting nearly 90% of women.

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