Thigh and buttock contouring without surgery: effective, natural firming

You have to suffer to be beautiful. Let’s just say that adage has had its day. Thanks to revolutionary technologies developed in recent years, it’s now possible to aspire to the confidence and esteem we all deserve, without surgery, pain or recovery. When it comes to reshaping such admirable areas as the thighs and buttocks, some solutions are more effective than others. But with so many treatments on the market, it’s hard to know what to choose. Let us help you make sense of it all …


What are the treatment options?

No surgery. No downtime. That’s what the choices available to you have in common, plus they’re more economical and safer than surgery.

For thighs

Reducing fat and increasing muscle tone: the perfect equation for visible, long-lasting contouring. For a reduction in fat mass of up to 30% and an improvement in muscle mass of almost 25%, EMSCULPT NEO is the ideal treatment. Say goodbye to stretch marks and welcome toned thighs instead. But that’s not all.

BTL VANQUISH ME technology is a device that burns fat without damaging skin or muscle fibers. This is the preferred option if your main objective is to eliminate body fat in the thigh area. The secret? The safe, natural destruction of fat cells.

 For the buttocks

As well as being revolutionary and unique, EMSCULPT NEO is the perfect solution for naturally increasing muscle volume in the buttocks. The procedure guarantees long-lasting effects, with particular emphasis on the lower buttocks, an area that is otherwise difficult to access. 

With a satisfaction rate of 94%, EMSCULPT NEO acts on localized areas, stimulating collagen production and reducing skin problems such as cellulite.

Whatever your choice, these treatments are all approved by Health Canada.

How many treatments should I expect to achieve results?

Every experience is subjective: it depends on your own assessment and initial expectations. But although your figure is unique, the timeframes for results are quite similar…and proven!

A woman using an electric device to assist her legs.

Emsculpt Neo: sessions and results

Thanks to its non-invasive technology combining radiofrequency and electromagnetic waves, EMSCULPT NEO offers results as soon as the 2nd visit, although a basic treatment consists of 4 to 6 sessions. Each session lasts an average of 30 minutes and is spaced 7 to 10 days apart. However, you can expect optimal results 3 months after completion of the treatment plan, supported by a healthy, active lifestyle.


 Vanquish Me sessions and results

The Vanquish Me cure, with its 4 to 6 treatment sessions lasting an average of 30 minutes per zone, requires a delay of 2 to 3 weeks after the 1st treatment before visible results appear. This period gives the lymphatic system time to eliminate fat. After a few months, the benefits of this treatment reach their peak.

What types of fat can these technologies treat?

Fibrous, adipose and encrusted cellulite. Subcutaneous fat, visceral fat. It’s all a bit confusing.

Tackling subcutaneous fat

Subcutaneous fat accounts for 90% of body fat. It generally accumulates in the thigh area and is more difficult to target. That’s where VANQUISH ME technology comes in: thanks to its patented multipolar selective radiofrequency system, it can reshape localized areas by targeting and burning deep layers of fat, promoting faster, more visible results. As for the EMSCULPT NEO treatment, it also promotes skin firming by permanently eliminating fat cells, although it has its own particularity: its effectiveness on visceral fat, generally found on the stomach.

Treating cellulite

Cellulite takes different forms: adipose (increased tissue), aqueous (water retention) and fibrous (presence of fibrosis – tissue destruction – especially in the saddlebags). EMSCULPT NEO promotes the production of collagen fibers, which contribute directly to reducing the visible signs of cellulite. But to tackle this problem, present in over 90% of women, nothing beats the EMTONE treatment, which delivers results from the 1st session.


For example, following a treatment plan: 

  • Fat cells are reduced in size
  • Skin elasticity is restored
  • Blood circulation is increased

EMTONE directly addresses the 5 causes of cellulite, whatever its form, and significantly improves the appearance of your skin.

Losing your saddlebags

Located between the upper thighs and the buttocks, saddlebags are an accumulation of subcutaneous fat that’s hard to get rid of. However, this frequent source of discomfort is no match for the effectiveness of Taut&Tone, a judicious combination of the benefits of EMSCULPT NEO and EMTONE. And the studies are clear: fat mass is reduced by up to 30% when this versatile technology is used.

Beyond fat loss, how are muscles firmed?

Any self-respecting body remodeling not only helps to eliminate fat, but also to strengthen muscles. When it comes to toning and defining, EMSCULPT NEO is the perfect choice.

Thousands of vibrations

Each 30-minute session gives the impression of a workout of unattainable intensity, but without the need for a trip to the gym. The equivalent of 20,000 supramaximal contractions, strengthening the gluteal muscles in particular. The magic of this technology works as follows: 

Radiofrequency is combined with high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves (HIFEM+) to induce a strengthening of muscle fibers, helping to significantly firm muscles in targeted areas.

Thousands of vibrations

Buttocks without BBL

The ideal alternative to the famous “Brazilian Butt Lift”, without the risk of complications or the healing period. For buttock muscles that look firm, lifted and defined.

Pain-free firming

Rest assured: there’s nothing dangerous about all this – quite the contrary. This revolutionary treatment is not only painless and non-invasive, it also requires no convalescence. And with an increase in muscle mass of up to 25%, you don’t have to risk a thing by treating yourself to the well-being you deserve.

As you can see, technology has come a long way, and has never been so accessible, efficient or fast. Gone are the days when a scalpel was the only way to achieve your full potential. Our team of experts is committed to guiding you towards the right solution for your needs, with compassion, openness and non-judgment. Whatever technology you choose, Médibotique is home to them. From Emtone and Emsculpt Neo to BTL Vanquish Me, our professionals also have the knowledge and experience to deliver the care you need on the spot, to give you…

a better quality of life.

Mélissa Milliard propriétaire

Text written by Mélissa Milliard, owner and medical-aesthetic specialist at Médibotique

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